YouTube Won’t Make Video Suggestions If You Disable This Feature

YouTube is constantly updating its features, and the latest change to watch history is sure to please some users and frustrate others. Starting today, if you have your watch history turned off, YouTube will no longer suggest related videos and content on the platform. This means that the videos that appear on your home screen will be completely random, and will not be based on your viewing history.

Some users may appreciate this change, as it will allow them to discover new content that they might not have otherwise found. For example, if you’re interested in learning about a new topic, you can turn off your watch history and then search for videos on that topic. YouTube will then show you a variety of videos on that topic, regardless of whether you’ve watched them before.

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YouTube Won't Make Video Suggestions If You Disable This Feature

However, other users may find this change to be annoying. If you’re used to getting personalized recommendations based on your watch history, you may be disappointed when you see a bunch of random videos on your home screen. Additionally, if you’re trying to find a specific video that you’ve watched in the past, it will be more difficult to do so if your watch history is turned off.

Ultimately, whether or not you like this change is a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for a way to discover new content, then turning off your watch history is a good option. However, if you’re used to getting personalized recommendations, you may want to keep your watch history turned on.

It’s worth noting that this change is not yet available to everyone. YouTube says that it will be rolling out the change gradually over the next few months. So, if you don’t see the change yet, don’t worry, it’s coming soon. YouTube Feature

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