Which new feature is WhatsApp going to make available?

WhatsApp is owned by Meta, which keeps adding new WhatsApp features and some more changes to make the app better for users.

The instant messaging app recently told iOS users that it had sent a new stable update called “Add call link to calendar app.”

WaBetaInfo says that WhatsApp is adding a feature that will let users add a link to a phone call to the calendar app.

Which new feature is WhatsApp going to make available?
(Image Credit: WaBetaInfo)

WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.77 is marked as a suitable update, but some users may be able to get the same feature by installing the previous 23.10.76 build,” a WhatsApp watcher said.

Even though the function has been announced, some users will be able to use it in the next few weeks.

This function will tell users that they have made a link for a WhatsApp call in case they forget. When a person makes a call link, they can click “Add to Calendar” to add the link to their calendar.

You can find this choice from the calls tab in the same place where the call link is made. The call link will be added to the calendar app once chosen.

The new feature can be used by iOS users who update the app to the latest version.

The official summary also talked about the buddy mode and the ability to play GIFs instantly, in addition to the call link feature.

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