WhatsApp’s Next Big Feature Is Coming Soon

WhatsApp has had video calling for a while, but it hasn’t been as feature-rich as other standalone video calling platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, has been working to improve WhatsApp’s video calling features, and they recently added a screen sharing feature. They are also expected to add another important feature soon.

WhatsApp Tests New Feature for Calls

WhatsApp’s latest beta update for Android includes a new feature that allows users to schedule group calls. This is a handy feature that has been available on other popular video calling apps for some time.

To schedule a group call, simply tap the calling icon in the group chat. You will then be able to enter the subject of the call, the type of call (audio or video), and the date and time of the call. Once you have scheduled the call, an event will be created in the group chat. Participants will receive a reminder 15 minutes before the call starts.

This new feature is a great way to make sure that everyone is available for a group call. It is also helpful for planning calls in advance, such as for work meetings or social gatherings.

WhatsApp's Next Big Feature Is Coming Soon

WhatsApp’s new call scheduling feature is a great way to plan and manage conversations. This can be especially helpful for work calls, but it can also be used for personal events like parties or family gatherings. Instead of having to confirm everyone’s availability, you can simply schedule a call and everyone will be notified in advance. It’s not yet clear if this feature will be available for individual calls, but it would be a welcome addition.

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This new feature, along with the recently introduced screen sharing, landscape mode, and group call expansion features, makes WhatsApp a more attractive video calling platform. With these new features, WhatsApp is positioning itself as a serious competitor to other video calling apps like Zoom and Google Meet.

WhatsApp’s call scheduling feature is currently in beta, so it’s not yet available to everyone. However, the platform is known for releasing new features quickly, so it’s likely that this feature will be available to everyone soon. We’ll keep you updated on its release date.

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