WhatsApp will allow Android users to link to their iPads

WaBetaInfo verified that WhatsApp, which Meta owns, is working on a new update that will let WhatsApp users link iPads.

The new update, which is still being worked on and is called “iPad support—linked device” on a website that tracks apps, has not yet been given to beta users.

With the new feature, Android WhatsApp users will soon be able to add an iPad to their accounts.

Thanks to an earlier statement from the instant messaging app, users could link a second iOS device to a current WhatsApp account. Users could link up to four devices without risking their security or privacy.

WhatsApp is working on a new update that will add a new feature for WhatsApp Android users to link iPads.

In the picture above, you can see how you can finally link your iPad to your Android WhatsApp account.

The buddy mode just came out for iOS and is slowly being added to some accounts, so we can assume that the next step is to make a WhatsApp app that works with iPads. The WhatsApp watcher said, “The fact that WhatsApp is working to make the app recognize the WhatsApp Android users link their iPads device may mean that the app will be available to the public soon.”

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