WhatsApp Business Adds a ‘Status Archive’ Function

Millions of people worldwide use WhatsApp, and it is now introducing a valuable tool for companies, according to the WaBetaInfo report.

According to the app-tracking website, businesses on WhatsApp can share prior status changes with their clients through this new function known as “status archive.”

This feature will be implemented for WhatsApp Business for Android beta testers and offered to further customers soon.

WhatsApp intends to patch up the program but is also working on the present components. Organizational notifications will be submitted using this component within 24 hours.

A banner will appear in the Status tab when this function is activated on your WhatsApp account.

You may also immediately visit the status tab menu to run and examine your archive. WhatsApp suggested that the archive is for personal talks so that only the firm may read their archived status updates.

WhatsApp Business Adds a 'Status Archive' Function
(Image Credit: Google)

Businesses may use this capability to communicate the same status with consumers as often as they desire.

“These warnings will be kept on the device for up to 30 days: “Until they expire in the archive, users will still be allowed to generate Facebook and Instagram adverts and send status updates,” WaBetaInfo noted.

This tool seems to be intended for businesses and not for people who use WhatsApp Courier.

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