The Apple Vision Pro AR headset takes on Meta

At a recent event in California, Apple made a big reveal. They showed off a new Vision Pro, a virtual reality (VR) gadget.

This device is their first step into the VR market, and it is seen as a threat to Meta, the company that runs Facebook. The Vision Pro is a sleek, expensive device for sale early next year. It costs $3,499 and looks great.

The goal of the device is to combine digital material with the real world in ways that have never been done before. It will be used mostly for playing games, watching movies online, and having virtual talks. Apple and Disney are working to offer streaming material from famous series like Marvel and Star Wars.

Apple Vision Pro AR headset

The Vision Pro needs a lot of processing power, so it must be plugged in. About two hours is all the time the battery can handle.

One cool thing about it is that it has a display on the outside that shows the user’s eyes to people around them, which makes it easier to talk to them. But the device isn’t meant to replace computers or phones.

With this release, Apple is directly competing with Meta, which has been focused on virtual worlds and the metaverse. Meta stated that it will make a new version of Quest VR headsets. As both Apple and Meta try to take over the VR business, their competition will likely heat up.

Apple also changed its MacBook Air, Mac Pro computers, and the Vision Pro. They showed off a 15-inch MacBook Air that will be released soon and is powered by their M2 processor chip.

With an M2 Ultra chip, the company also developed a new version of its high-performance desktop computer, the Mac Pro.

When Apple announced the Vision Pro VR gear, it was a big step into the world of virtual reality for the company. It shows they want to go up against Meta and get a foothold in the growing VR market.

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