Reddit is Killing its Gold Awards System But What’s Next?

Reddit is sunsetting its current coins and awards system, which allows users to purchase and give awards to other users. The company says it is making this change to make its platform simpler.

Reddit says that users have heard that they find the current awards system cluttered and difficult to use. As a result, the company is working on a new rewards system that will be simpler and easier to understand.

The new rewards system is not yet ready, but Reddit says it will share more details in the coming months. In the meantime, the current awards system will remain in place until September 12, 2023.

Some users have expressed disappointment with Reddit’s decision to sunset the current awards system before launching the new one. They argue that this leaves the platform without a rewards system in place.

Other users have welcomed the change, saying that the current awards system is too complicated and that they are looking forward to a simpler system.

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It remains to be seen whether the new rewards system will be more popular than the current one. However, Reddit is adamant that the change is necessary to simplify its platform.

In addition to sunsetting its awards system, Reddit has faced backlash for its decision to start charging developers for access to its API. The company has defended its decision, but whether the change will harm the Reddit community remains to be seen.

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