How To Be A Better Delivery Driver (8 Best Tips) In 2023

Best Tips For Improving Your Skills

Being a delivery driver is a job that involves a lot of interaction with customers on a daily basis. There is a sense of satisfaction in safely delivering packages on time and seeing the happy faces of satisfied customers who appreciate your efficient service.

For any delivery company, having good delivery workers is crucial. A negative delivery experience can lead to customer complaints, expensive redeliveries, and lost revenue.

However, there are ways to avoid these issues. It all comes down to being the best delivery driver you can be!

If you’re looking for tips on how to improve as a delivery driver, keep reading!

How To Be A Better Delivery Driver?

How To Be A Better Delivery Driver (8 Best Tips) In 2023

1. Be A Responsible Driver

Being a responsible driver is crucial when you’re on the road. Not everyone around you drives safely – some speed, others get distracted by texting and drift into another lane, and some make sudden lane changes without signaling. Although you can’t control their actions, you can protect yourself and your delivery vehicle by using defensive driving techniques.

As a responsible delivery driver, it’s important to avoid distractions like talking on the phone, texting, eating, or changing the music while driving. Additionally, staying aware of aggressive drivers in your vicinity and anticipating their actions can help you make necessary adjustments in advance, reducing the risk of getting into a car accident.

2. Know Your Vehicle

When working as a delivery driver, being skilled behind the wheel is crucial. It’s not only about driving well but also knowing how to handle traffic and handle unexpected situations that may arise with the vehicle.

A good driver understands how to operate their vehicle and react appropriately in potentially dangerous situations. It’s important to keep important information about the delivery vehicle in mind at all times. Consider questions such as:

  • Is the vehicle powerful enough to safely overtake other vehicles?
  • What’s the optimal pressure needed to bring the vehicle to a complete stop?
  • Does the car have anti-lock brakes (ABS) installed?

Having a solid understanding of your vehicle and how to handle minor difficulties will prove essential on the road. This knowledge will not only save you time but also help in maintaining the delivery vehicle in good condition.

3. Ensure An Excellent Customer Experience

Providing an excellent customer experience goes beyond just being a responsible driver. You are a representative of your company, so it’s important to remember the significance of being friendly, paying great attention to detail, and having strong communication skills, both written and verbal, in this line of work.

Customers won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor if they find you unreliable, consistently late, prone to mistakes with their orders, or unpleasant to interact with. It’s important to remain calm and patient, and leave a positive impression, even if you encounter a difficult customer.

While on-time delivery is a top priority, unexpected factors like traffic and weather can sometimes disrupt even the most well-planned routes. Keeping customers informed about any potential delays and providing them with updated estimated delivery times can elevate your service from “good” to “exceptional.”

Sometimes, even small gestures can make a difference. For example, carrying a pen with you for customers who need to pay with a credit card or use an eSignature app can greatly improve convenience and efficiency.

Remember, by prioritizing excellent customer experience, you not only contribute to the success of your company but also build lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

4. Don’t Be Late

Delivering packages on time is crucial for ensuring an excellent customer experience. Your customers value their time, and they appreciate it when their deliveries don’t cause any unnecessary delays. Seeing a customer’s smiling face when you arrive on time can truly make their day.

To make sure you meet delivery deadlines consistently, it’s important to be punctual and reliable. Keeping track of time and planning your routes efficiently can help you stay on schedule. Timely delivery demonstrates that you value your customers’ time and can be trusted to provide excellent service.

Remember, being punctual is not only about delivering on time, but also about creating a positive impression and building trust with your customers. So, prioritize timeliness and ensure that your deliveries are prompt and reliable.

5. Be Organized

If you struggle to organize yourself, plan your route, or manage your time effectively, it may be best to reconsider a career as a delivery worker. Many people enter the industry with the misconception that it’s an easy job, only to quickly realize how overwhelming it can be.

Some drivers believe they will simply drive around, make a few deliveries, and then head back home. However, the reality is that you will likely have a much higher number of deliveries per shift. That’s why it’s crucial for drivers to be well-organized.

Failure to efficiently manage your time can lead to a negative customer delivery experience and financial losses if you are consistently late or fail to deliver the packages on time. It’s important to prioritize organization and effective time management to ensure a successful career as a delivery worker.

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6. Plan Your Routes

To ensure a successful day as a delivery worker, it is essential to plan your routes effectively. Route planning is crucial and comes right after organizing your tasks.

Most package delivery companies aim to assign their drivers with as many deliveries as they can handle in order to maximize profits. This means that you need to be efficient and cover multiple routes.

How To Be A Better Delivery Driver (8 Best Tips) In 2023

Take advantage of your free time to plan how you will complete your deliveries and avoid wasting valuable business hours. Poor route planning can negatively impact your performance for the day.

Planning your routes can be a stressful task, but it is important to remain focused and utilize available resources such as Google Maps. Additionally, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from other drivers on your team if it can help make your day go more smoothly. Teamwork and utilizing resources can greatly improve your efficiency and success as a delivery worker.

7. Review Your Day

After completing your last hour of deliveries, take a moment to review your day. When you see an empty van, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on your route and think about how you could have been more efficient. Take a few minutes to consider what went well and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Equally important, take the time to learn from any unexpected challenges or mistakes that arose during the day. Reflecting on these moments will allow you to identify areas for improvement and prevent making the same mistakes in the future.

By reviewing your day and learning from both successes and setbacks, you can continually strive to enhance your performance as a delivery worker. Use these insights to continually improve your efficiency and provide excellent service to your customers.

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8. Be Honest

Having high ethical standards is not usually seen as a crucial quality for delivery drivers, but it is actually very important in making moral decisions that can arise in this line of work.

For instance, it is essential to have a good conscience to ensure that you don’t slack off, deviate from the assigned route during working hours, or misuse company vehicles for personal purposes.

Moreover, it is crucial to be honest with your customers. If you happen to be late in delivering a package, avoid making up false excuses. Doing so can lead to your customers losing their respect for you. Remember that honest communication plays a vital role in maintaining a good reputation.


Becoming a better delivery driver requires dedication and continuous improvement. By implementing the eight tips provided for improving your skills, you can enhance your performance in this line of work. Remember to prioritize customer satisfaction, be proactive in communication, and focus on safety precautions. Efficient route planning, organization, and punctuality are also key factors in delivering excellent service. Furthermore, maintaining high ethical standards is crucial in building trust with customers and ensuring a positive reputation in the industry. With these tips in mind, you can strive to be a successful and proficient delivery driver.

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