Enhance Your Freelancing Career with This Platform

In the future, though, gig markets have become more like management systems, leaving experts confused because they are assigned to short-term jobs with little choice.

The new Uwerx platform will change this status quo and allow workers to be truly free. Its WERX token presale ($.0025 per token and a 20% bonus) allows gig workers to choose by supporting the stage immediately.

Freelance work is in a bad place right now.

There have been places to find independent work online for almost 20 years. Even though the number has grown by a factor of ten, they haven’t changed their business plans to deal with more competition.

Major problems include high fees (sometimes as high as 20%), needless payment delays, strict worker rights rules, and limited market access. These and other things put gig workers in jobs they don’t like and make them feel like they’re being taken advantage of.

Under the guise of ensuring a good market and stopping people from lying, platforms put in many restrictions to keep advisers out.

Uwerx (WERX) will end the link for good.

The new working app Uwerx (WERX) will change how freelance work is done. It will break the ties between them forever. The platform will start a service for freelancers that will, among other things, use blockchain to do things that other gig markets don’t do.

Uwerx will help freelancers offer their services in the best way possible by providing a variety of tools for management and getting work done, and Enhance Your Freelancing Career. This also applies to tools used for specific tasks.

The WERX coin and the fact that it is decentralized round out the picture. Without a referee, the stage will be full of great trust deals, which could lead to the lowest fee in the business (just 1%). The creators of Uwerx have also gone to great steps to ensure it is safe. For example, they gave users the option to protect their symbolic wealth as a sign of trust, and it has been reviewed twice by InterFi Organization and SolidProof.

Uwerx will also release its test version in the next few days, letting workers start building their jobs. Also, the site’s leadership will change, with people taking over from coders and making their own decisions.

Gig Laborers Love Outsourcing; Firms Love Consultants

Working for yourself is appealing; millions have seen this possible by going down the outsourcing path. People seek work to increase their income or even become a career because of COVID-19 and the global economic slump.

The love isn’t all over the place. Even businesses are using freelancers more and more. Nearly half of businesses say freelancers comprise a quarter of their staff.

Thousands of people have already signed up for the pre-sale of Uwerx (WERX)

With the promise of big growth in 2023 and beyond, Uwerx is undoubtedly becoming an attractive place to invest, and you can also enhance your freelancing career with Uwerx.

With the release of parts of the Alpha Version, its promise is already clear, and the planned Beta Version is an exciting step forward that shows it is moving in the right direction.

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