Google Search launches its new generative AI capabilities

Google confirmed today that it is starting to let people use new generative AI features in Search. Two weeks ago, at its I/O event, the company gave a sneak peek at these features. The tech titan is allowing individuals to join up for Search Labs, a new initiative that enables people to sign up for experiments, such as the Search Generative Experience, and try them out before they are made public.

If you sign up for Search Labs, you will get an email when the new creative AI tools in Search are ready for testing. If you haven’t already, join by hitting the Labs symbol in the newest version of the Google app (Android and iOS) or on Chrome desktop.

Google says that once you’re in the trial, the new creative AI-powered Search experience will make it easier for you to understand a topic and get things done.

Google says that with this new update, users can quickly learn about something new or difficult. Say you want to learn more about a topic, you usually have to split it into different searches. When you put in a question like “learning ukulele vs. guitar,” Search will now give you an AI-powered picture to help you figure out what to think about.

The Search Generative Experience can also find quick answers to specific questions. For example, if you search for “How to get an old coffee stain out of a wool sweater” or “How can I renew my passport quickly,” you’ll be able to quickly discover pointers for the crucial information you need to know, or see a variety of alternatives accessible and take the next step with the assistance of the web.

The Shopping feature is also built into the new search experience. Google says that you can search for topics like “Peel and stick wallpaper for kitchen” to learn about crucial characteristics, such as ease of removal, and obtain a list of alternatives, including pricing, user ratings, and buy links.

If you want to go more, you may pick “ask a follow-up question” or a recommended next step, which will put you in conversational mode and allow you to ask Google more about the subject you’re researching. From one question to the next, the same context will be used.

“This experiment is our first step toward adding generative AI to Search, and we’ll be making many updates and improvements over time,” Google said in a blog post. “As we continue to reimagine how we can make it even more natural and intuitive for you to find what you’re looking for, we’re excited for you to test out these new capabilities and share feedback along the way.”

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