Google New QR Code Scanning Feature Coming to Android

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, as they are a convenient way to share information, make payments, and access services. However, scanning QR codes can sometimes be difficult, especially if the code is far away or if there is a lot of background noise.

Google is working on a new feature that will make scanning QR codes much easier for Android users. The feature, which is called “auto-zoom,” will automatically zoom in on the QR code when it is detected in the camera frame. This will make it much easier to scan QR codes that are far away or that are obscured by background noise.

The auto-zoom feature is currently being tested in the ML Kit Barcode Scanning API, which is a library that developers can use to add QR code scanning to their apps. The feature is not yet available in the general release of Android, but it is expected to be released in a future update.

The auto-zoom feature is a welcome addition to Android, as it will make it much easier for users to scan QR codes. This will be especially beneficial for users in countries like India, where QR codes are widely used for making payments.

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In addition to making it easier to scan QR codes, the auto-zoom feature also helps to improve privacy. When the auto-zoom feature is enabled, the camera only captures the QR code itself, and no other information is stored. This means that users can scan QR codes without worrying about their privacy being compromised.

Overall, the auto-zoom feature is a great addition to Android. It makes scanning QR codes much easier and more convenient, and it helps to improve privacy. We look forward to seeing this feature released in a future update.

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