16 Best Android 14 Features (New and Upcoming)

Are you excited about the latest version of Android? Android 14 has exciting features and improvements to enhance your overall smartphone experience. From photo pickers to forced-themed icons, Android 14 offers a range of functionalities that cater to the needs of modern users. Here are some of the best features that Android 14 has to offer:

Best Android 14 Features

  • Photo Picker: Android 14 introduces a new photo picker that gives you more control over which photos you share with apps. You can now share specific photos, albums, or media in a specific folder.
  • Notification Flashes: Android 14 lets you turn on camera flashes and screen flashes for incoming notifications. This is a great feature for people with hearing loss or anyone who doesn’t want their phone to make a noise or buzz with every notification.
  • Camera and Battery Life Improvements: Android 14 includes several camera features that help to improve image quality and reduce battery usage. These features include new camera extensions, improved HDR+, and better low-light performance.
  • Lockscreen Customizations: Android 14 gives you more control over your lock screen’s appearance and behavior. You can now choose to show different widgets on your lock screen, and you can also customize the way that notifications are displayed.
  • Magic Compose: Magic Compose is a new feature that makes creating complex layouts in Android easier. With Magic Compose, you can drag and drop elements to create your desired layout, and the system will automatically generate the appropriate code.
  • App Pair: App Pair is a new feature that lets you launch two apps side-by-side in a split-screen view. This is a great way to multitask, and it’s especially useful for apps that work well together, such as Google Maps and YouTube.
  • Charging Pill: Charging Pill is a new feature showing a pill-shaped icon on your lock screen when charging. This icon shows the current charging status and lets you quickly access the battery settings.

These are just a few of the best features that Android 14 has to offer. If you’re looking for a new mobile operating system packed with new features and improvements, Android 14 is worth checking out.

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Upcoming Android 14 Features
Image Credit: Google

Upcoming Android 14 Features

In addition to the features already available in Android 14, several other features are still in development and are expected to be released in future updates. These features include:

  • Emoji, Generative AI, and Cinematic Wallpapers: Android 14 is expected to include new emoji, generative AI, and cinematic wallpapers.
  • App Cloning: App Cloning is a feature that lets you create a clone of an app. This is useful for apps you use for different purposes, such as work and personal.
  • Predictive Back Gestures: Predictive Back Gestures is a feature that lets you swipe back to the previous screen by simply swiping from the edge of the screen.
  • New Find My Device Experience: The Find My Device experience is redesigned in Android 14. The new experience will make finding your lost or stolen device easier.
  • Tracker Prevention and Alerts: Tracker Prevention and Alerts is a new feature that helps to protect your privacy. This feature will warn you when apps are trying to track your location or other data.
  • Forced-Themed Icons: Forced-Themed Icons are a feature that lets you force apps to use the system theme. This is useful for apps that don’t support the system theme by default.
  • Using your Android device as a Webcam: Android 14 will let you use your Android device as a Webcam. This is useful for video conferencing and other applications.
  • Partial Screen Recorder: The Screen Recorder feature in Android 14 will be extended to allow you to record only a portion of your screen. This is useful for recording videos of specific apps or Windows.
  • Drag and Drop Text and Images to Different Apps: Android 14 will let you drag and drop text and images between different apps. This is a great way to share content between apps without copying and pasting.

These are just a few upcoming features expected to be released in Android 14. As the development of Android 14 continues, we can expect to see even more new and exciting features being added.

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