AI Can Steal Your Passwords by Listening to Your Keystrokes

A recent study conducted in the UK revealed a concerning development: a specialized computer program has the ability to secretly listen to the sounds generated by your typing and accurately decipher the exact words being typed. Although this may seem like a tale from fiction, it is indeed a real and unsettling reality.

The implications of this discovery are significant since the program can accurately guess passwords with a staggering success rate of up to 95%. This finding serves as a stark reminder of the utmost importance of safeguarding our digital assets and personal information.

To achieve this feat, researchers endeavored to train the computer program to comprehend typing sounds. They focused on factors such as key pressure intensity and the timing of keystrokes. For their experiment, a MacBook Pro computer was employed, and astonishingly, the program was able to precisely recreate the typing patterns. This demonstrates the ease with which our passwords can be compromised. Intriguingly, the program primarily relies on the manner in which an individual types, rather than the level of keyboard noise.

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Even possessing a quiet keyboard does not automatically provide protection against this program. Remarkably, the program functioned successfully even when individuals were engaged in conversations via applications like Zoom and Skype, accurately reproducing the typed content approximately 90% of the time.

This study serves as a poignant reminder that our private information is vulnerable to exploitation, revealing the critical need to take proactive measures in order to safeguard our personal data and maintain online security.

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